1909 - 2009

Jubilee Championship Dog Show
Sunday, September 6th, 2009

And here are the lucky winners of our Jubilee exhibition:

Best Baby

Store Linde's Indalo Shiraz
Breeder and Owner: Anne-Marie Nielsen, Karise/DK

Best Puppy

Studebakers Emilia Zwackelmann
Breeder: Gabriele Gieseler, Owner: Sonja und Frank Geray, Gelsenkirchen/D

Best Veteran

P'tit Coeur du Bois Bourgeois
Award Dt. Vet.-Ch. VDH, Vet.-CAC
Breeder and Owner: Martine Bendjemia, Sainte Marie/F

IKFB Jubilee-Youthwinner Dog

Hendrik van het Slaghek
Award Dt. Jgd.-Ch. VDH, Jgd.-CAC
Breeder and Owner: Truus Slaghekke & Marie van Os, Oostham/B

IKFB Jubilee-Youthwinner Bitch

Midland Moor Amazing Grace
Award Dt. Jgd.-Ch. VDH, Jgd.-CAC
Breeder and Owner: Else Hansen, Sdr Omme/DK

IKFB Jubilee-Winner Dog

A'Vigdors Sirocco
Award Dt. Ch. VDH, CAC
Breeder: Revaz Khomasuridze, Owner: Natalja Grinshpun, Moscow/RU

IKFB Jubilee-Winner Bitch

C'est la vie van het Bullenparadijs
Award Dt. Ch. VDH, CAC
Breeder and Owner: C.J. de Jong, EA Dongen/NL


Daulokke's Uzo le Chamour
Breeder and Owner: Tove Rasmussen, Søndersø/DK

Couple Class Pl. 1

Bullinium's Highlife/Bullinium's Fleurie
Owner: Anne-Marie Nielsen, Karise/DK

Breeders Group Pl. 1

Kennel Béatitude
Owner: Danny Maes/B

Progeny Group Pl. 1

Duc Max von den Elbpiraten
Owner: Edda Juffernholz/D

The Progeny Group Sormadi Civic was subsequently disqualified.

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Entry statistic

The Entries of 290 dogs is as follows:

  Males Females
Veteran Class 5 9
Puppy Class 16 19
Honorary Class 3 2
Youth Class 33 43
Intermediate Class 16 22
Champion Class 19 13
Open Klasse 29 37
Babyshow 11 13

Brace/Couple Class 6
Breeders Group 4
Progeny Group 2


Sitz München - gegr. 1909 im VDH/FCI

The Event took place at

Jagdschloss Kranichstein, 64289 Darmstadt

Jagdschloss Kranichstein - Innenhof / Illustrated image courtesy by Amt für Wirtschaft und Stadtentwicklung

Situated to the north of Darmstadt, the Jagdschloss Kranichstein is surrounded
by a number of delightful and enchanting forests, meadows and ponds.
This renaissance architecture is built in the 16th century and currently a home to the
magnificent hunting museum. The exhibition in the museum primely features the hunting heritage
and legacy of the »Hessen-Darmstadt-House«, where splendid collection of hunting weapons, trophys,
marvellous hunting associated paintings and tapisseries are being displayed.
Apart from these unique antiquities, another key attraction of the museum is the set-up court hunting.
The court hunting principally features the arrangement of the hunting event.
On the other hands, the distinctive 17th till 19th century interior design of the castle
made it renowned and recognized as a hunting playground for the princes of Hessen-Darmstadt.

Publishing with kind allowance of Foundation Hessischer Jägerhof

* * * * *

Mrs. Birgitte Schjøth/DK
Veteran Class, Honorary Class,
Intermediate-, Champion- and
Open Class
Mrs. Maureen Bootle/GB
Veteran Class, Honorary Class,
Intermediate-, Champion- and
Open Class
Mr. Christofer Habig/D
Males and Bitches

Mr. Karl-Heinz Blumenrode/D
Males and Bitches
Competitions, BOB

* * * * *

Mrs. Tove Rasmussen, Kennel Dauløkke/DK, gave a detailed description of the Babies

* * * * *

... and what could you win?

To celebrate the Jubilee Show, the CAC Club was awarded twice.
The Res.-CAC was upgraded to CAC, and the Youth and the Veteran CAC
were also awarded twice.

- for every registered dog a PRESENT
- for each placed dog
of Intermediate Class, Open Class,
Honorary-, Champion- and Veteran Class
a BULLY-RELIEF in limited edition
designed and fashioned by the artist
Martine Tunnat
- for every placed Baby,
Puppy and Youth dog
in limited edition
- for the best Youth dog a GLASS RELIEF
- for the best Breeders Group,
Progeny Group and Brace Class
donated prices
- for the best Baby TROPHY
- for the best Puppy TROPHY
- for the best Veteran TROPHY
- for the best Youth dog TROPHY
- for the best Youth bitch TROPHY
exclusive DOG-COLLAR,
gemmed with Svarowski crystals (D)
special awards
- for the first registered dog BULLY HEAD (pewter)
- for the dog that had to travel
the longest way

* * * * *
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Administration Office IKFB,
Tel. & Fax: 0049 6192 97 92 88

Title picture: "Bouboule, Bull-dog de Madame Palmyre, A la Souris.
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, 1897
All rights reserved, Musée Toulouse-Lautrec, Albi, France

We would like to thank the Musée Toulouse-Lautrec for the
acquiscence of using the image for the 100-years jubilee
of IKFB as our official logo.

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